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#9197 - . one day i was surfing in the internet i saw a shemale site it was the first time i saw a shemale. Then i ask him if he can dress me like a girl he told me yes but why, then i told him i want to feel like a girl for one day, then he say ok he dress me with a sexy dress, then when i was in the dress i feel so hot and sexy then someone knock, tania was in taking a bath so i open the door when i open the door it was a sexy guy 1m70 a strong black men, i ask him who he was he say that tania is his best friend, so he enter the house so we start to chat who i was i told him i was his friend, he reply but i never saw tou before and i know all his friend tell me truly you have come for sex, i reply yes , then we chat and he ask how we met etc.

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Chachamaru karakuri
How did you know i legit said mac n cheese this is witchcraft
Sumire hoshino
Hot fucking a nice thing to wake up to
Ami chouno
The midwife id stunning
What the fuck is this on the end