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#43239 - The Youth Counselor Chronicles Part 1 i'm branching off slightly from the fucking and sucking Elizabeth series, but don't worry i'm still writing it, i just wanted to try my hand at different stuff, please tell me below if you would like me to continue this series and if so please leave a rating and a comment thank you. “Oh hello Chris, thank you for volunteering again this weekend God bless you my child” “Thank you Father I enjoy helping out” “My those boxes look heavy I’ll get someone to help you out” Claudia was the 16 year old daughter of my friend Dave she was a nice girl, full of energy and always happy to help other people out she was close by so Father John called her over and asked her to help me out, she was still wearing her school uniform which consisted of an extremely short plaid skirt ,white stockings a white blouse and had her hair in a ponytail I put down the boxes and gave her a hug and asked her how her day had been my hand resting just sligh

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