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#231875 - He was kissing and licking me…petting me…bringing me down…please bring me down…I was so gone…so wonderfully gone…needing to come down and he just held me and tears were on my face and I licked my lips and felt salty tears…the knob was gone, it was all quiet…I was gone…somewhere…Johnnie just held me…held me…thank you Johnnie for holding me…letting me go down…what a surprise… Hawaiian Paradise Hawaii: my favorite place but this time traveling alone as, at the last minute, my girlfriend had an emergency at work…I was determined…now on the plane from San Francisco to Honolulu…During the flight there was turbulence and I had visions of John Wayne piloting that old motored craft in the movie “The High and the Mighty,” Phil Harris complaining in the rear of the plane…the crew evaluating the “point of no return” and they were passed it now, ignoring the imprecations of the comely stewardess. ” I heard the office girls saying: “…walking home with Johnnie is just the start of things…”

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