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#208533 - this had left them both shuddering! Deanna's pubes were jerking up and constricting with sexual pleasure followed by jolt after jolt as the machine slowly ran its course! After this Joy just laid on top of her with big breasts against each other and the only way she was able to stand was to keep her mouth on Deanna's clit, and clamp her incredible thighs tightly around Deanna's head! For Deanna it was wonderful at first to have her face buried in between Joy's incredible thighs and wet slit! But when she could no longer breathe and was almost smothered by soft wet dripping black female flesh, she started choking for air! Feeling the only way to get relief was to actually bite Joys' clit Joy after being pleasured did not expect this and really jumped in surprise that allowed her incredible ass cheeks thighs and breasts jiggle and ripple obscenely! But the results for Deanna was fresh air and as she gulped it in several

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