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#81832 - Finally I was brave enough to tell him, I wanted to wash something I left in his daughter’s sink, I knew it wasn’t a good time to do the dishes or anything else, but I just had to leave that seat without being embarrassed or embarrassing him, a few minutes passed while I was in the kitchen leaving him alone, when he came in the kitchen with his drink in hand. The phone rang, it was my neighbor and best friend Teresa, she is a very close friend of mine, living in the apartment next door to mines, and we usually exchanged home keys, just in case of emergencies, she said her father was visiting her and she could not leave work now. Suddenly he turned me around, got rid of my rope and picked me up easily between his hands and took me to the bedroom, laid me on bed, no more struggles from my side, I felt it was too late as he got me so wet and horny by then, and from that moment on, there was no need for any force, he was getting all his needs willingly.

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Kobato hasegawa
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Causes me a great excitement when you put up with your beautiful incredible body