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#383372 - This is freedom From the pain of life You bring me to a new world The world that haunts my dreams Sweet serenity I feel the kiss Of the crop my lover I moan as it kisses My flesh stinging I look up at you but your heart is gone Some where far away with her I whimper calling you to me But im not her I scream And I hate you For not loving me For thinking of her when I give myself to you I feel the gag and I swallow my spit Tears falling The ropes tighten and I cant breath…. I wait, wait, wait And wait moment’s pass I feel like im going to scream If you don’t touch me Im better then that and I know I wont.

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Alice l. malvin
Baby nicols is so fckng hot
Sakura haruno
I guess he meant from the dirty water
Big tits takes it in the ass cool would have liked to see the asshole closer to the camera
Rin suzunoki
Damn how awesome you do it to your two holes at the same time is insane you should definitely do that with two real cocks would like to be there and would like to put my cock in the ass would you like it