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#235322 - We had to go up three levels before coming to the top of the garage area where our car was nearly the only one there. Once arriving home she disappeared into the bedroom while i poured us some wine taking the wine into the bedroom i found my gorgeous wife laying on the bed in a black nightie that had 3 chains running across the front just crossing her awesome tits going up and tieing onto a lace choker around her neck. She rode my dick cowgirl style in the backseat till she was nearly exhausted but she was sex starved and wanted some more so she told me to get out of the car and who was i to argue we made our way to the front of the car where she laid down on the hood and commanded me to get busy so I again stuck my long hard cock tip into the opening of her now drinched pussy and worked the tip in and out just barely entering to increase the pleasure i rubbed her fully erect clit with my fingers as she held her long lovely legs skyward allowing me all the access i wished to have.

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