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#116378 - *Hmph, Thought you said you would stop calling me that you jerk* She angrily replied, Luckily for me I had hold of her hand otherwise I know I would of ended up been slapped. Too late did I realise the traffic lights were still green, Too late did I notice the car coming towards me, In that split second before the car hit me my life chose to flash before my eye's, What a boring life it was, Well that was all I remember, Next thing I know I wake up in a dark room all alone, I saw a door on one wall, It seemed to be glowing, I chose to walk over to it and open it, Then would you guess it, I was back in the spot I died. *Yes I remember, Don't I always walk you home though little missy* I said back, Yeah I know you people are wondering about the name, Well she sort of hates it as you are about to find out.

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Mayumi joutouguu
Like for a quickie this night
Asuha touhara
Love that yellow lingerie super sexy and what a view at the end when he s pounding that sweet ass