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#391571 - Beauty is that you are to me, Deeper than the deepest sea, But what beauty cannot explain, Is the hurt that gives me pain, Then burns like fiery rain, And as i look at you i know you are, Beauty itself , as if beauty lies in one's, self. Still beauty is a curse that will, Never diverse and like a lighting bolt ,puts a chill in ones soul then freezes ones mind for eternity and all time, This was a poem i wrote about a girl i knew in 4 grade then i got transferred to another school and when i got to high school as I'm still in, met her again and was afraid to give it to her so i snuk it in her locker she never knowing who it wad from i miss her because i moved once again.

Read Weird 百華莊8《続 下女牡丹の憂鬱》 - Original Novia 百華莊8《続 下女牡丹の憂鬱》

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Sagiri ameno
Everybody gangsta until she started yelling magic spells
Kirei kotomine
Why she operated her face no need
Thank you
Nino nakano
Ebany puppet show
Michelle cheung
Pussy gotta be from georgia they dont make them like that in michigan