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#113182 - Hinata giggled, No really Hinata I can't move, by this time they were already out of the school and entered Naruto's house so since Naruto couldn't move she decided to take advantage of the situation she tackled him down pinned him by his wrists even though she knew that he wouldn't be able to resist and he probably wanted what she wanted and that was . it was just suprising to see a girl like you not with someone so I thought that mabey that we could get together but then you told me you had a boyfriend and I got hurt deep down inside of me knowing that we could never be together, I kinda felt the same about you I was suprised to see a boy as handsome as you are without at least one girl drooling over you, well all the girls I know treat me like an idiot just because I have the nine tailed fox demon sealed inside of me. Naruto then rolled over pinning her by her wrists like she did him she just layed there grinning and blushing.

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