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#350330 - They all asked when the next meet was, and would I be in it again. I held him in me, and kept working his cock, taking it all, and he stayed hard feeding my arse with more and more cum as he fucked me, after awhile he had to stop his cock growing to sensitive to keep going, so we went out to find the other guys, most were in the spa playing, I got in and soon had hands all over me, my cock being pulled and my arse probed with fingers, but I wanted more, so I turned and bent over the edge, it didn’t take long, soon I felt a hard cock work its way in, feeding my desire to be fucked once more, another guy stood in front and fed my mouth, working them both lead to me taking them both all too soon, my mouth letting some cum drip out as my arse was flooded once more, guy after guy took turns raping my arse and feeding me more cum. Then the heat, his cock swelled bigger still and pushed deeper, his knot swollen to full size as gallons of hot doggy cum flooded me, I was in heaven, no

Read Concha DARKNESS HOUND | 黑暗猎犬 01-05 - Original Tongue DARKNESS HOUND | 黑暗猎犬 01-05

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