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#356965 - If my Mom was a devious, conniving woman who was just interested in seducing me and making me her sex slave just to satisfy her own sexual desires, would she have helped me to find a way to take Becky's cherry and later encourage me, and help me to find, and take delight in my fucking as many young cunts as I could conquer? I think not! So, to all those people who cannot acknowledge the beauty of the kind of unconditional incestuous and loving sexual relationship I have had and still have with my mother, I say to them, Get a life and lighten up. But if that isn't hard enough to take, she has been bugging the piss out of me calling me at work and later at home 2 or 3 times a day wanting to know if I have fucked Linda yet today and no matter what answer I give it's never good enough.

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