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#278020 - I had just turned 19 I was enjoying life to the fullest at this point I had a high end career and mad enough cash to move out of home which is what I did the first chance I got but what I found was that it was hard to find anyone who would rent to me being young and not having previous references that was until finally I found an ad in the classifieds. But I obviously wasn’t quick enough for him as once he had removed his own he grabbed by shit and tore it open then off me I heard a button clack against the window as it was torn away then he tore down my pants and shoes then a slap as his naked stomach and chest collided with my own I began breathing deeply with anticipation I knew I was about to get a god thrashing that when he lent his face into mine and kissed me softly on the lips then grinning his eyes made contact with mine and he said “you call me daddy or baby okay” I just nodded and made a groan in acceptance and pleasure as two of his fingers slid into my ass and began slid

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