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#290440 - Well, well, well, Wendy crowed, will you look at that fur sticking out all over, no way do I have that much!!! Both girls verbally jousted back and forth for a few moments, until they both agreed to call it a tie. See, said Wendy, same color and everything!!! Yeah, it is the same, have you tired it on, asked April? At the store, over my panties, Wendy replied. Up in her bed room, Wendy flicked on the air conditioner and the two girls sat down on the floor, listened to CD's, and watched MTV on the television.

Read Legs Hyakkasou4 <<Akahitomiyasha, Tosuisen no Kyofu>> - Original Tease Hyakkasou4 <<Akahitomiyasha, Tosuisen no Kyofu>>

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I have a feeling that they are not really doing but just faking to fuck
I love you
I love how right in the middle of you riding you just leave for 2 mins lmaoo