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#157806 - As i walked i opened the envelope, removing my money; counting it i immediately notice the bitch had only given me £50. She looked at my shrivelled cock(it's cold, honest) about 2 and said i hope it gets bigger than that mate, at least it all shaved, she took her manicured burgundy nails and began to stroke under my balls, leaning forward she placed my whole cock in her warm moist mouth and used her tongue and suction to pull my foreskin forward and slide her tongue underneath moistening and warming my helmet, i let out a deep sigh; i'd never felt anything like it. At 22 6'2 and still well toned; if i didn't start work soon i'd end up looking like rosanne barr(not a good look for a man).

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Haruna yuuki
That pussy is so so wet and so pretty