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#26478 - Alex’s thrusts become more violent as he explodes another pint load of hot sticky cum inside Jessica’s whom, Jessica cries out “OH GOD ALEX I CAN FEEL IT INSIDE ME I CAN FEEL UR HOT CUM INSIDE ME!!” Alex presses jess against the wall and the stay linked together for a while before Jess says “Two down one to go” Alex says. She was a confident girl, she knew she was attractive to all the guys and even the male teachers in her school which made her somewhat hard to get as she simply liked the attention and nothing more, she was far too busy with her gymnastics to pursue any kind of relationship. “you ready?” “jess screams FUCK ME PLEASE!!!” Alex grips jess and thrusts his fat ten inch cock deep inside her once virgin pussy, he rips past jess’s hymen and pushes up against her cervix.

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