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#100034 - So, he thought to himself, that was the two tentacles' actual function, to plant the seed in females' ovaries as well, what a devil! He pulled back, and laid by her side for a moment, he was not sure she knew what has happened to her body, and that, in eight weeks, she would be fully pregnant with the creature's offspring, so she had less than a month, to escape to the cave of her new master, the only place left on earth, where she could just live! *** It was now so obvious to him that no woman, no matter who she is, could resist him, nevertheless could (Noga), so he decided to cut the chase, today was more than perfect to execute his own mission and capture his lust! This day was when his parents decided to travel to visit an aunt who lived on the other edge of the country, which means he had the whole house, and (Noga), not to mention (Badura), whose belly started to seem full, to himself, for at least a week. A few seconds later, they heard (Badura) co

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