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#382943 - *So I'm dead, Yeah that sucks* My first words as a dead person and they're what I choose, What kind of lame idiot am I, I should of said something much better like sweet i'm dead time to have some fun Yes I did just sort of accept the fact that I no longer had a life, There was one little niggle that did bother me then and to this very day (even though it's only been a few of them) still does, The same question I keep asking myself over and over again *Why haven't I moved on*, Yeah so that is still something I would like to know but we will leave it for now I guess you are probably wondering what I did for the next few days that would bring us to this present day, Well I know you will call me crazy but I did the only thing that seemed natural to do at the time I chose to carry on with my normal life, That of course included going to school, Yes I know it seems pointless for a dead person to attend school but don't judge me, I spent a lot of time with

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