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#222797 - If you are truly in love with her, then you must undergo the test. I have a request, Jake asked, ok here we go she thought, there are going to be conditions just as she thought, She was about to open her mouth to tell him to forget it when he spoke, If we are to call you Rosalinda, please wear it proudly as it is now yours, ok? Again he eyes grew large, her mouth hung open, there were no conditions? Ok master, what's going on? No master has ever let a Jinn choose her own name, let alone with no conditions I want us to at least be friends while you are my Jinn, that means you get to be your self more and make some decisions for your self. Including the releasing of the Jinn council, and the two days of rest the human would need, during which time all of the wives of the council would become with child.

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