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#108889 - “Sure thing! We can check them out when they are born if you like and I’ll let you pick. ” Kim in shock of what her son just asked her as it was a question she never expected to come out of his mouth! She totally didn’t know what to say as she almost wanted to laugh! “No I believe they can’t Joey it’s highly improbable for it to happen because they are a different species and different species can’t reproduce together, but some can like tigers and lions making a liger and horse and donkeys making a mule!” Joey kinda disappoint but still hoping for the possibility to come in his favor! “Oh ok that makes since but I think someone in the neighborhood is going to have puppies! So maybe we should try to get one of theirs when they are born!” Kim not really sure what he meant but hopes he’s talking about normal puppies and not what he just asked her.

Read Pain (C70) [Otaku Beam (Ootsuka Mahiro)] And-hand-tied (Kouhen) [English] [Fated Circle] Juicy Andtied

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