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#42540 - She must have looked over at me and noticed I was deep in thought and she said, “ok, what is wrong?” I came back to the real world and said, “what?” She looked at me and said, “I could tell you were very deep in thought about something, is there something we need to talk about?” I kind of shrugged my shoulders and said, “not really an us thing, it more of a me thing…I am heading out in a couple of weeks and will be halfway around the world doing god knows what…” She looked at me and said, “yes, it is a big move, and you will be in a strange country, with people you don’t know, that you might have to rely upon to save your life. I saw her standing there by the side of the bed, she looked down at me and she mouthed…’thank you hon. She was not new to sex obviously; she was swirling her tongue around my cock like it was a candy cane or something and keeping up the tempo with her head moving up and down.

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