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#225793 - As she said; Tell him my little slave of pleasure! As looking right into my eyes my wife said; I am to be pleasured by all kinds of other beings and I want it! I want to be pleasured by others! I must!! Snake Lady just looked at us both then said; Servent lead your hot little wife back over to the bed by holding her hand leading her to it so we can begin her pleasure journey! I reached and grasp her hand into mine and led her obediently to the bed and sat her easily onto it seeing now that her face was even flush with passion the very thing I myself had caused her to have and having seen that same thing as she'd returned from her illicit affairs! As Snake Lady went to the cart and got one of the syringes I thought we'd loaded up in preparation for this but no! She had an entirely different one a really very tiny one that seemed pre-packaged and walked back to us as she looked directly at me and told me this one was very, very, very, specia

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Good hentai
Megumi jinno
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How did it go bro