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#232250 - D'ya suppose his reluctance has to do with how the entire student body will be ogling HIS body and no one else's? - Oliver ------------------------------------------------------- To: Oliver Wood From: Fred & George Weasley Re: Err? Fred? George? Hey, Oliver: 1. Good luck! -Lee ------------------------------------------------------- To: Angelina & Katie From: Alicia Spinnet Re: The Damn Quidditch Match Look, ladies. And George, insecurity complex much? Lee ------------------------------------------------------- To: Lee Jordan From: Fred and George Weasley Re: Err? What? You Muggle Git! What the deuce is a 'digital' camera? -F&G ------------------------------------------------------- To: Ron Weasley From: His Wonderful Big Brothers Re: AWOL Seeker Dear Ronniekins It has come to our attention, via our elaborate and exotic spy network that someone (who shall go unnamed until you tell us where our vanished seeker is

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Alice margatroid
So sexy ass
Mia guillem
Hellooooooo lmao