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#143189 - She took my cock out to gently begin wanking me, rolling my foreskin down my shaft then brush a finger over the head, she did this several times then slid herself down so she could put my cock into her mouth which was full of her saliva, it was like sliding my cock into a warm spunk filled pussy. 30am and Beth was after midday, we hung about the tent having a real lazy day and by mid-afternoon we were all a little drunk and bored when Steph pointed out a passing lad so l innocently remarked take him in the tent and fuck him, Beth jumped to her feet saying ‘she will’ and ran after the lad about 20 minutes later Beth came back, but no lad, Steph gave a laugh, Beth then half pulled down her bikini bottoms to reveal a dripping pussy hole and that was it, it had turned into a competition, so l suggested they hang about the toilet and shower block which they did while l spent the rest of the afternoon getting drunk. The clubhouse began to clear so we finished our drinks, it was pitch black

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