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#21552 - Leaving the Mex we went to Havana and queue jumped, with free entry, because i know one of the doormen(shagged him, shit, but the perks were worth it lol) got a drink and went to sit down outside. Lots of cute boys out tonite but i had a weird urge for a MAN. I could hear moaning so i look to the side and saw Charlotte getting shagged silly by the other lad, she was on her hands and knees and i could see his huge cock sliding in and out of her so thought fuck this and shouted SWAP TIME and we swapped partners! I pushed Charlotte's lad onto the floor and, squatting over him, eased myself onto his truncheon.

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Kirumi tojo
Looks like a barrandov in prague
Kiryu coco
Naomi immer toll
Kirika misono
Her name pls
Zhang jiao
Her name