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#60718 - after an hour or so she begins to stir and automatically begins to run I shock her again she falls I pick her up again so then I put her on the bed and wrap the blankets around her legs another hour passes she stirs again but this time she falls I laugh a bit and tell her to calm down “where am I?” “well I couldn’t have you telling people about meso I chased you then I knocked you out and brought you to my place” “ok so are you going to let me go?” umm I would but how do I know your not going to tell people about what I was doing hm?” “uh ok I wont” “I really wish I could believe you but now I got a question or two now listen what where you doing near the power plant at the time?” “well I cant tell you that” I shock her a little “ow ok ill tell you I was walking around because I live ner the power plant and I wanted to know what all the commotion was about” “yea right then why where dressed in black?” because I didn’t want to get caught if it was something important” “damn as much as I

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How the fuck does a hentai like this get 25 thumbs down are ye blind or something she is probably as close to perfection as you can get in a woman 10 10 from me anyway this is a great hentai
Yumi saotome
Always best endings thank you