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#254605 - “Whats up my dear?” I shy away a little bit, trying to work out how to best say I'm fooling around with my brother, and now want to have sex with him, “Its about boys, i've been doing stuff with someone outside of school, and I'm wanting to take it further with him” “Ok Emma, do your parents know about this boy?” “Well, they know him, but not what we've done” “I see, and I'm guessing you want this to stay in this room?” “Yes, please, Miss Atley” “Ok, I can keep this confidential, no one will know except for you and I, what is your question Emma?” “Does it hurt? The boy has a massive thing, I cant even wrap both my hands around it, is there any reason he couldn't get it inside me? If I'm to small, can it hurt him?” “Well, the first time you do it, you may feel a sting as he enters you, this is from your hymen braking, it only happens once, his size doesn't really Matter, anything bigger than 3 inches is enough for you to get enjoyment out of, chan

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Suzuno kamazuki
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Something about thongs just turn me on guys and girls wearing thongs makes my dick get thick