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#251589 - “Where am I?” she muttered “In safe hands” said Simon “now if you cooperate this will be a great experience if you don’t it could get a little rough, then before she knew it Jeff had pushed her down so she was on her hands and knees, she was held down on all fours then she heard one of them unzip their jeans and soon she felt the head of his hard penis at the entrance of her pussy. Before Sarah could reply the girl shot something Out and stabbed her in the arm with it ouch!! Yelled Sarah backing up against a wall. There was a table near them so Mel laid Sarah over it flat on her back Mel then removed Sarah's skirt leaving her only in her panties Mel had laid Sarah out in a way so her legs were hanging off the edge of the table.

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Ishizu ishtar
So hot i like it
I need you in my life