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#26915 - mom mom mom my mom came running into my room and said what wrong i started crying my car late my fucking car is late!!! my mom grabbed me and said whooo calm down we have loads of time i picked up my cell and rang harvey baby is your car there? harvey said yes its just arrived why i said mines is late(still crying) harvey said calm down babe there is time deep breaths i put my cell down and waited finally my car arrived and we was on are way when i got there havrey looked amazing when everyone took there seats me and harvey walked down the ile when i looked into harveys eyes and i took his hand and when it came to are vows harvey read his out (sorry guy harvey wants his remaing private) then i read mine i said harvey from the first time i met you and until this moment my feeling have changed so much for you thought all the tears and troubles we have faced together i feel so bless and so lucky to be taking you for my hustband harvey i was born to love you and i always

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