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#280443 - She was expecting a seedy run down place with an bunch of old men in rain coats, but Donna was pleasantly surprised to find that except for the reading material, which was definitely x-rated, she could be walking into any regular magazine shop! She slowly walked the aisles, not picking up any of the various sex mags, but giving them a long once over. Trying to work up enough nerve to enter the more than tawdry business, Donna thought back on her nights of agony, when the need for relief in her pussy was almost unbearable! She finally hopped out of the car, put two quarters in the meter, and headed off down the street. Okay stud, she ordered, stick it in me, now!!! Rubbing his head the length of her slit, Clay centered his pecker over her hole and gently lifted his butt, forcing his head into the dripping cunt above him.

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