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#390771 - Laura had in those fifteen minuets having had more orgasms then she had in all the previous years of her life since she was 18. Looking at Tally her mind was made up “Ok, I’m going to do it” Tally hugged her and laughed “Good for you Lau! Don’t worry I’ll sort things at work you just get home right now” Tally said as she pushed her friend towards the door, both woman laughing as they got outside, Laura looking back she waved and stuck her tongue out as Tally laughed at her and waved back before heading back to work. Putting her hands on the top of the washing machine after turning her back to it she lifted herself up and sat back over the dildo, holding her pussy over it she tried to aim it right, slowly she lowered herself down and giggled when she felt the head of the cold dildo touch her pussy lips.

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Izuku midoriya
Mmm so hot and beautiful
Keiko kuroha
They all be makin that same damn face
Jonathan joestar
This is still kind of hot tho she gets wet as fuck got me getting a little juicy