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#87497 - What is prevalent And what do we snub The being Is shot through Being. What strength do I have… I must go light The night does not… know me so well And it is raining I know myself I cry By being… Cannot go there It cannot listen I light a cigarette The smoke goes in The lungs poof And there is no more My brain is brilliant There is nothing there But light I sit down This… is the place Where can I be… Where can I exist For myself I do not know the answer I need to extend Or… expand There is air I do not know the rest of it Perhaps… There is life In you That you do not know about The scientists look carefully at you You don’t know what to say You want to be romantic But they call you a fool Where are you A peace reveals itself In a sexual act It is on my mind I cannot keep it away The peace… goes on And takes the mind Where it wants to go I be That I am You enter a deep sleep The sleep of being You are whole You can feel your whole bod

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