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#389603 - copyright: Lesley Tara, 2010 Parry! – lunge! – parry! – our blades made a sharp metallic sound as they clashed together. I was giving squeals of delight, accompanied by pleading imprecations for her to do it more, do it deeper, do it harder – basically, just to fuck me to bits. Then, as I waggled my ass in the air as eagerly as a young puppy wagging its tail, the flattened tip of the foil moved on, down the cleavage between my ass-cheeks, around my anus, and so reached its prize – the base of my pudenda: soft, wet and hanging open.

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Inaho misora
Best position for the shower
Melody honey
Where do you find cock like that
Chiaki oogaki
Who is the dark haired one