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#291680 - She kept looking up at me, licking and sucking my cock, after a while she started playing with my balls as her tongue rubbed and flicked over my cock head. With my other hand I slipped off my jeans and boxers, she peeked over her shoulder “God it looks much better than the pics you sent me” I noticed that in her lust she dropped the role-play act “Your own pictures doesn’t do you any justice” I said, guiding my throbbing cock to her wet haven, she stuck out her ass more, her cheek pressing against the wall, she moaned as I pinched her clit. She shivered and leaned against me “You know how to make a girl wet” I slowly rubbed and squeezed her ass “Only if I know what buttons to push” As we entered the elevator she pushed me up against the wall and pushed the button for my floor, she kissed me hard and long and looked up at me, her eyes smoldering “You’re going to make me go down and suck that wonderful cock of yours again” I twisted pushing her against the wall “No you’re

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Great cast thanks