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#204443 - “Would you like my jacket?” “No thanks I’m ok” “So if I was not married would I be your type?” she inquired “Well that would depend, would you like a guy like me?” “Well that depends as well?” she replied as she smiled We made our way to a special bench which was hidden away under a street light, as we sat the cool breeze made Liz quivered again like it was sending me a message and so I placed my jacket around her. “Not really” “Then maybe a walk it’s a beautiful night out?” Without any hesitation she agreed and we went off, We walked in the park pass the benches under the street light. With my mouth inches from her pussy I could smell she was wet, I took my hand and pulled her panty to the side and there she was, though it was too dark to see but the smell of her sweet pussy made me get so hungrily horny that I opened my mouth as wide as it could and placed it over Liz’s sweet wet pussy, she flinched as she felt my tongue hit her clit then ran down her pussy i

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