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#387970 - As the party wound down and the guys were all getting dressed and leaving mom and Brenda were sitting there leaking from their pussies and asses, Tim shows them to the bathrooms where they clean themselves out and when they come back out mom says Brenda I’d like you to meet someone very special to me, Brenda this is my son Michael, Mike, this is Brenda, she’s my best friend and helper. They were giggling and laughing about this gig as they called it and the other said hell’s bells Kathryn, I thought the other night you’d be sore after all those guys fucked you. I had seen enough, I went back home and went to my room to plan my party and getting mom to do it with six of my friends to fuck her good and hard.

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Miki tamase
Very nice
Yae miko
That was hot
Briefers rock
Bout to record myself cumming while i watch this outside