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#258752 - as i cut her of sayin you havent seen the rest of it yet let me show you around as we walked into the very large open living room and kitchen i pointed and started walking to the far side whare there was a big open fire place with a big pile of logs sittin next to it as we got closer Amy noticed the large alcove built in area with a large tv stereo cable system and 3 games consels (ps3,xbox360 and wii) she turned to me and said wow that tv is massif i then added there is a highend pc conected to it as well hunny. Claire had the most amazin ass i had ever seen she had a perfect hour glass body not to thin and not to curvy with green eyes i was hooked the moment i saw her but nothin had happend to my dismay. By this time the car was empty and we headed for town.

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