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#321667 - The head master only shook his head , not too worried much about him getting to you but I am worried about your father and mother, the rest of your family I took care of father though he doesn't know it and the others as soon as he meets up with them, their comps will be updated too but I am afraid that til then they will be in danger too Mark cursed his luck now he just MIGHT have to see his mother and sister again and THAT he wasn't prepared for. As the ship neared the planet he kept his eyes on all scans waiting for Tantka to make another attempt. Mark there will never be a repeat of this again, by anyone here or in this command Nissie was floored she was just a slave, slaves weren't apologised to, she suddenly had a new found respect and affection for Mark.

Read Screaming おねーさん達とセックスで勝負しよ Breast おねーさん達とセックスで勝負しよ

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