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#135548 - Marion sat at her dressing table carefully applying her makeup, and when she was satisfied, she reached for her bra and slipped it over her arms and onto her shoulders whereupon she reached around and hooked the four catches that held her massive milk filled mammaries in place!!! This was to be the first real evening out since the baby was born and she was excited to be getting out of the house if even for only a few hours!!! Her husband Tom was singing loudly in the shower, and after calling out that they were going to be late, he came shivering into the room while drying his dark curly hair!!! “You’d better step on it, hon,” she replied while standing up to slip into her panties, “our reservations are for seven and we don’t want to be late!!!” Tom stared at his beautiful wife as she dressed for the evening, and much to her consternation his big penis began to erect itself right in front of her, almost demanding to be taken care of on the spot!!! “Now Tommy,” she said while moving awa

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