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#116756 - And her best friend had enough presence of mind left to realize what was going on up on top and started bucking up against Rhonda to facilitate things with Brutus yelling at Rhonda seeing how she liked to get fucked by a dog with a huge cock! After Brutus established his rhythm, Rhonda noticed her friend had transitioned from yelling and bucking against her to grinding her pussy against Rhonda’s pussy, which soon elicited almost simultaneous orgasms from both of them. He left to fix her a tall high ball glass that was filled almost to the brim with aged and very rare single malt scotch, no ice, and from previous times, knew what she scotch she preferred. Rhonda fixed all of them large high ball glasses filled with whiskey which both good college girls quickly bolted down and then refilled for them, then led them to the spacious walk in shower with the glass partition making up one entire wall of the shower that also took advantage of the gorgeous views out the one way glass that

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