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#211453 - I said “hey, I can feel it going in” to which Kaylene replied “Its not too bad when you go slow like that” so Kevin slowed a bit but kept the pressure on until he had sunk all the way in to her asshole. I was getting quite squashed and finding it hard to move but reached round and started pinching Kayner’s nipples as her humping started Kevin moving, pretty soon he was humping pretty hard with his dick hitting deep into Kaylene’s bum in the down stroke and pushing Kayner’s fingers deep into her cunt on the upstroke. Chez took off after us as we raced around the table but soon ran out of puff sitting down at the table stark naked and started to laugh seeing the funny side of it.

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Omg so hot more long dresses and maybe long pleated skirt so hot
Yessss you can dm me
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Christ thats a beautiful cunt and i want to smell her armpits