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#388767 - “God what to pack?” You ware in a muddle, as you looked at all your clothes, You were so excited as you were finally going to take a trip to England and meet up with me. You sink your cock deeply into me; the head pressing against my walls as it slides into me, the heat inside my pussy overwhelming, as is the tightness as your hips press forwards and the inches slowly disappear inside my sexy body I grip your neck kissing you and pulling your body to mine as you press the last inches of your cock into me, resting it there you let it pulse and I moaned to you as I felt it too, the soft throbbing of the flesh that’s pushed inside my tight pussy, the wetness washing over it as you slowly pull your hips back the cock moving out of me with a deep moan from us both You don’t leave it out for long, quickly you feel my hands on your asscheeks try to push your hips forwards, you oblige and thrust hard into me with your cock, your pelvic bone hitting my clit making me scream out in ple

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