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#251818 - I didn’t want to start anything. You couldn’t really see thru it but you could tell I wasn’t wearing a bra! This brought a twinkle to his eyes! Then I put my jeans on and we went to eat and dance afterwards. Their names are Todd and David! Your father went back to our beach house to leave me alone with them so if I wanted, I could go with them to their hotel and spend the night naked, fucking them and I did and I very much enjoyed the night! I knew I was ovulating and I purposely didn’t use any protection so I could possibly get pregnant! Your father knew all of this and was in on the decision! He encouraged me to get pregnant! So there, you know everything! I’m sorry if you don’t approve, but it’s done now! Before you say another thing, if I’m pregnant, I’m going to have the baby! There’ll be no discussion on that!” There was silence on the phone, and then Cassie spoke.

Read Slim JK Monzetsu Ashiura Kusuguri Satsueikai! - Original Gozada JK Monzetsu Ashiura Kusuguri Satsueikai!

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Ryouji mochizuki
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