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#203594 - Any way it was three weeks before the big event, and Colin got back to us with the details and saying he had extra guys and more kink for us if we wanted, of course we did. I'm not sure how long I had been watched, but I heard a noise and saw one of the guys standing by the door, cock in hand, wanking as the dog fucked my butt harder than before, I didn't care, he shut the door and came closer, now his cock was at my mouth, so I opened it and sucked him, lovely now the night was getting better. Sue was going well, most the guys had fucked her in more than one hole, her ass and pussy leaking cum every time a cock was pushed back in, a few guys had fisted her too, so her holes would be well and truly ready for the dog when it turned up.

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Mari kurihara
I would f you so good you would have a smile on your face from ear to ear and your legs would be shaking for 3 days