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#300826 - I think to myself that even though there holo screens only the person in the chair can see them since it also interfaces with your suit and if you don’t have one it just makes it to were people that can see them only see info that’s not classified which is very cool and smart. ” He says one respect and two that when they choose a mate or mates you do it for life it’s like a bond I mean some fail and sometimes you just want sex and that’s fine but when you choose that person or persons as a mate it’s for life and since all the races are immortal it’s a good thing and I’m happy you guys picked each other griffin. I think again I need a break I’m thinking too much about my ship and crew so I faze to my hanger and go to my car which resembles a Nissan skyline gtr34 but it’s a Spartan car that can drive any were in space, water, any were you name it can even do what our ships do and it can jump into hyperspace but when its driving in traffic on Sparta , archonia , draconia , arcadia the tr

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