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#413912 - “What if I just rape you, Anh, violate you; will you tell me your secrets then?” “No. I had nodded to her on arrival, but nothing more and went back to my own work, which included a call to Hanoi office to check on things, where Tinh answered the phone call very happily and asked when I would be back – she, and her mother, missed me - and also to Da Nang, where I spoke to the new manager, also named Tinh, to make sure the promotion wasn’t weighing too heavily on her – considering the circumstances of it, getting the position after Duc and his wife had been murdered; all was fine, and I talked quickly also with Liem, who also asked when I would be returning. “Chao Anh, can I come in?” I rose from the sofa and opened the door, and Ping jumped at me for a hug and kiss “Oh, Anh, I haven’t seen you for so long, I missed you, so I was very happy when Tinh phoned you’d be home today.

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