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#265661 - She was startled at his appearance at the open door and stammered, “Oh, Mr. “C-could I, I mean would you let me see them?!?” “Why not!?!” she chuckled while releasing his meat while undoing the front of her work dress. “I wanna break you in just right!!!” With his mouth now hanging open in stunned silence he watched in absolute awe as she plopped her enormous ass on the edge of the desk and then slowly spread her heavy thighs wide apart!!! To say she had a hair pie would have been and understatement!!! This black Amazon literally had a forest of jet black pubic hair bursting from every square inch of her dripping wet crotch! While using one hand to steady herself while leaning back on the desk top, she used the other one to casually spread open her bulging sex organ! “Nice and pink!!!” she giggled, “And good enough to eat!!!” Like a magnet is attracted to metal he eagerly leaned forward and buried his open mouth into her yawning maw!!! He hair was stiff and prickly but he paid it no

Read Urine Aki-nee to... JK Ponyta 2 - Original Blowjob Aki-nee to... JK Ponyta 2

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