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#310620 - As my little white knickers fell to the floor and off my ankles she kissed my neck and whispered into my ear that I was going to wear HER knickers tonight! I didn't understand what she meant until I felt her body pressed up against my own and she slowly pulled her pants down and took them off keeping eye contact all the time until she looked down and held them ready for me to step into. My little knob was straining against the silky garments that I'd be wearing for the evening and I was leaking precum so much that the knickers she was making me wear were saturated. I pulled my spunk-drenched pants back up and went to the spare bedroom knowing my place and my princess knew that I really was going to be her sissy cuckold wanker for life!.

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Athena asamiya
Any ladies around okc want to do this with me
Keima katsuragi
Love it