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#354902 - ”and even if it is, your going to do it anyway im your dad and what i say goes” fucinhigh08: “you want to dress like that and fuck boys then dad is going to have fun too bitch” yankees2girl: i look you in the eyes with tears swelling in them hoping youll feel guilty yankees2girl: i give you the ’sad puppy dog' face fucinhigh08: that shit aint going to work erica” i say pulling out my cock yankees2girl: i look at it seeing how much bigger it is than jasons, i cant help but smile fucinhigh08: is it as big as jasons?” i say playin with it yankees2girl: “its sooo much bigger” i look at your cock in awe fucinhigh08: i stroke it come here baby dont be scared you know what to do” yankees2girl: i take a deep breath and wipe the tears from my face, i scoot in closer and lean over i grab it and caress it in my hand then then i put the head to my lips and kiss it and then look up at you to see your reaction fucinhigh08: i smile big and rub your hair t

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Hiroe atago
Deze jonge dame mag mij ook verwennen
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