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#337002 - Being overweight even at school had made her the target of the skinny girl’s jokes and bullying, forcing Alice to withdraw even further from the social scene every teenager got involved in at some point. Alice hesitates for a second before replying ‘the dress feels good… but what you did felt wonderful’ she almost whispers the second comment, raising his hands he cups her breasts through the dress and lightly massages them as Alice stands there not stopping him, her eyes half closed enjoying the touch of this man and feeling her nipples hardening even more. He smiles again and Alice blushes thinking he’s mentally scoffing at her, ‘which one was it?’ he asks again Alice berates herself for jumping to conclusions, ‘the long Blue and white one’ she answers.

Read Foot Fetish Kasou Idol dakara Yareru Koto - Original Gay Straight Kasou Idol dakara Yareru Koto

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Yui takamura
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She is super hot
Haruka suzumiya
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Chiya ujimatsu
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